Portrait Puzzels Diana Blok – Workshop

How much time do we need to prepare a face for the faces that we meet, to paraphrase T.S Elliot? Making a portrait is a process that involves a lot of un-masking as it were. For this reason, Diana Blok in her four-day workshop will work with participants in order first to exchange views on what makes a good portrait, and then through different exercises attempt to delineate it. Can you make a portrait of someone in his absence? How many masks does one need to construct or de-construct in order to create an interesting picture?

Themes regarding identity, role-playing, gender construction, and taboos will be touched upon, while the workshop will mostly focus on a hands-on experience discovering the important elements of a staged image which aims at showing a face or its many faces.

This Workshop will take place in collaboration with TransEurope Co-ordinators.