Gender Monologues, a Brazilian-Dutch co-production, is an interactive media installation by Dutch-Uruguayan visual artist Diana Blok. She challenges our historical and cultural limitations around gender identity on six screens. The concept for this project originated in 2015 as a continuation and deepening of the photographic series Adventures in Cross-Casting, presented by TEMPO_FESTIVAL in Rio de Janeiro. In Gender Monologues, the artist invites six Brazilian and Dutch actors to perform texts originally written for iconic characters and figures of the opposite sex. Captured on film and presented as an immersive installation in collaboration with interactive media researcher Pawel Pokutycki, the public will discover well-known faces under assumed fictional identities, crossing the limitations of gender via the imagination.

The dramaturgy was written along with the actors from original texts by William Shakespeare, Tom Lanoye, Anton Chekhov, Antonin Artaud, Martin Luther King Jr., Maria Cecília Nachtergaele, Tennessee Williams and Marilyn Monroe.

Abke Haring (NL) – Hamlet
Cas Enklaar (NL) – Lyubov Andreievna
Dani Barros (BRA) – Antonin Artaud
Grace Passô (BRA) – Martin Luther King Jr.
Matheus Nachtergaele (BRA) – Maria Cecília Nachtergaele (Mother)
Mateus Solano (BRA) – Cinderella